Tinted – A Poem

Sometimes when I’m going through my amazingly disorganized desktop folders I come across something I wrote a long time ago and completely forgot about. First comes anxiety – What did I write about? Does it suck? I bet it sucked. Oh God, I’m a terrible writer. Then relief – This actually isn’t that bad. Then confusion – Why did I write this? What was I thinking? Was this me? Am I still the same person who wrote this? And then, of course, comes obsessive editing – This no longer represents me as a writer! I must fix everything!

The following poem is a piece I wrote for class, (though now revised). I was doing a series on self-image at the time and I think it fits well with the name of my blog – Dirty Broken People. I’m fascinated by this idea that despite how hard we try to smile and get through the day, we’re all a little bit broken inside and, often, too afraid to say anything about it. Yet this brokenness is what gives us our beauty and strength. It makes us who we are.

But enough rambling.


I saw you last night, though
at first, I didn’t know
that was you.
Dimly lit, too dark,
your face illuminated in gold aside
West Forty-Two
You know, that raunchy roadside,
resting behind
the Country Cabaret.
You were plastered,
your face distorted,
to fit five feet
by eleven feet, and although
you embody the entirety
of the billboard,
I didn’t recognize

you were smiling. Continue reading

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High School Girls Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for a Top-Down RPG Fantasy Adventure

Today I learned about Girls Make Games which, according to their website, “is a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams designed to encourage girls to explore the world of video games.” Visitors to the site are greeted with a cute introduction video which challenges viewers to think about why there are so few women working in the gaming industry.

Continue reading

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Why I Love Thomas Was Alone – A Reflection on Storytelling and Characterization in Games

The Problem This weekend I played the quirky indie puzzle-platformer, Thomas Was Alone, and proceeded to feel terrible about myself.


I picked up the game during Playstation’s Flash Sale for 99 cents. I had 4 dollars and 1 cent in my Playstation wallet at the time, and even then, I was hesitant about purchasing the title. The game seemed to feature little other than colorful squares and rectangles prancing and falling about an equally squarish backdrop. I didn’t have anything particularly against quadrilaterals, per se, but I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to hold my ever-flitting interest. Continue reading

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The Broken Windows Theory – A Short Story

Hello, dear internet! The following short story is an experimental piece I wrote as a challenge to see if I could create a story without using traditional scenes. The entirety of the “story” is told through witness reports and a collection of e-mails. There is no action, the characters never interact directly, and the protagonist is dead. Enjoy!


The Broken Windows Theory

The Official Report
42-year old man plummets to death after falling from seven-story commercial building, impacting with car parked below. Police are investigating.


Jeff Geoffrey: Witness; Suspect

Hell, I’ve never met the guy before yesterday and you’re asking me if I had something against him? Well if I didn’t before, I sure as hell do now. The asshole landed on my brand new Roadster. If he were still alive, I’d sue his ass. Smashed the thing to fucking pieces. Man, it was electric. Does my insurance even cover this shit? Continue reading

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