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I love to create. I love to take things, break them apart, and remake them into something that they were never meant to be. Sometimes I use words; sometimes I don't. My blog is devoted to exploring storytelling in its various forms - from traditional, to experimental - and how creativity and storytelling can persist in everyday life. I am also fascinated by video gaming as a mixed-media art form, and would love to eventually develop my own indie game. I love to push the boundaries of what a "story" or a "game" can be. Twitter - @JessiTypesStuff

Tinted – A Poem

Sometimes when I’m going through my amazingly disorganized desktop folders I come across something I wrote a long time ago and completely forgot about. First comes anxiety – What did I write about? Does it suck? I bet it sucked. … Continue reading

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High School Girls Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for a Top-Down RPG Fantasy Adventure

Today I learned about Girls Make Games which, according to their website, “is a series of international summer camps, workshops and game jams designed to encourage girls to explore the world of video games.” Visitors to the site are greeted with … Continue reading

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Why I Love Thomas Was Alone – A Reflection on Storytelling and Characterization in Games

The Problem This weekend I played the quirky indie puzzle-platformer, Thomas Was Alone, and proceeded to feel terrible about myself. I picked up the game during Playstation’s Flash Sale for 99 cents. I had 4 dollars and 1 cent in … Continue reading

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The Broken Windows Theory – A Short Story

Hello, dear internet! The following short story is an experimental piece I wrote as a challenge to see if I could create a story without using traditional scenes. The entirety of the “story” is told through witness reports and a … Continue reading

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